iOS 15.1 prompts Apple Podcasts users to rate and review the app

A surge in review rating for the Apple Podcasts app reveals a new implementation, particularly one that prompts users to leave a review.

This way, the app’s rating has jumped from an average of 2 stars to 4.6 stars in a month. Kosta Eleftherious, App Store watchdog noticed this and went on to social media to report. However, Apple has confirmed that users are being prompted to leave reviews within the Apple Podcasts platform.

The Cupertino-based company released a statement saying that the update coincided with the release of iOS 15.1 and mentioned that they adopted the same strategy 3rd party apps are using to collect reviews and user ratings.

A quick look at the reviews reveal that most of the positive reviews were directed to the podcast content and not the app itself. Meanwhile, the 1-star reviews were mostly about the app’s syncing feature, design and more.

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