iOS 15.4 gets 123 new emojis


iOS 15.4 is a veritable wealth of emojis and is sure to delight those who frequently use it in their mobile conversations.

New Emojis

The new emoji count is 123 in total and features new ones such as ‘pregnant man’, ‘troll’ and ‘melting face’. 112 of these emojis were approved in the Emoji 14.0 category by the Unicode Consortium.

Emojipedia says iOS 15.4 contains the biggest smiley emoji numbers in an Apple update. Notable standouts include ‘face holding back tears’ and ‘face with peeking eye’. The list also has not just one, but two gender neutral emojis- the ‘pregnant man’ and ‘person with crown’, while the body parts section has ‘biting lip’, among others.

Seven new emojis have entered gestures, including ‘heart hands’, ‘index pointing at viewer’ and ‘rightwards hand’. Rounding out the details are ‘identity card’, ‘playground buoy’ and ‘nest with eggs’. It’s recommended that you update to iOS 15.4 in order to see the new emojis.

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