iOS 16 enjoys a 68.9% adoption rate among users

Apple’s latest iOS 16 has been installed in 68.9% of compatible devices, according to Mixpanel.

iOS 16 launched on September 12 and was comparably better than iOS 15 in terms of adoption. Apple puts out adoption figures for its operating systems, but so far nothing has surfaced yet. Mixpanel, a 3rd-party analytics site said that iOS 16 has been installed on 68.9%, while iOS 15 stands at just 24.82%. Older systems are at 7%.

iOS 16

Apple constantly sends out updates for iOS 16 to address bug fixes and glaring issues, which leads to some users being reluctant to do so. However, it seems that trust is rising among consumers as there’s a higher rate of adopters for Apple’s newest operating system.

iOS 16.2 is expected to launch this month, with several features such as Advanced Data Protection, new widgets for Lock Screen, and Apple Sing, among others.