iOS 16.2 adds optimization for Car Crash Detection

Apple’s recent iOS 16.2 update adds optimizations to its Car Crash Detection feature.

Amid false alarms involving rollercoaster rides, ski crashes, and vigorous physical activities, Apple has made a few changes to how Car Crash Detection triggers. However, it seems that the false calls keep continuing to 911 operators’ and dispatchers’ dismay.

Car Crash Detection

Car Crash Detection uses several sensors on the iPhone 14 and new Apple Watch models to determine if the user has been involved in a car accident. Once triggered, the user is given a set amount of time to respond, or else a call to Emergency Services is automatically sent.

It seems that the iOS 16.2 update did very little to reduce false 911 calls, as the department continues to receive them on a daily basis. 911 representatives say that the increased number of calls has put an enormous strain on the organization’s resources, although some real calls come in every now and then.