First-look details of iOS 16.4 will bring a slew of changes to the Podcasts app.


iOS 16.4 first developer beta outlined web apps improvements and new emojis. The Podcasts app notably received upgrades, including granular creator analytics, Up Next revamps, and library channels, among others.

Podcast episodes are now enhanced, with listeners being able to see unplayed episodes in each show, new episode publish dates, and ‘early access’ subscriber episodes. The Browse and Up Next sections will be brought to CarPlay, bringing the ability to explore a curated list from the Browse section.

Creators can get accurate analytics from third-party services and hosting providers to get an idea of how users listen to and download their episodes. Related channel content will now be visible for those who follow a podcast. From there, listeners can view more details as well as check episodes and subscriber shows in the same section.


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