iOS 17 developer beta released early

The developer beta version of the upcoming iOS 17 was seemingly released earlier than intended.

During the WWDC 23 Apple announced that a public test will be launching in July. However, it seems that the company has made a mistake as the software is already out. On social media, screenshots of iOS 17 beta being available to download has made the rounds.

iOS 17

Officially, the release of iOS 17 public beta is set to launch in July and undergo several improvements and iterations before the final release, which is estimated to be somewhere between September and October this year. The simple reasoning behind the ‘mistake’ was that Apple added a ‘free tier’ option to its developer program, which allows people access to the beta.

Installing beta software is not recommended for primary devices as unexpected problems and system failure may arise. The general public should wait until the official release of iOS 17 for their smartphones.