iOS 17 will allow Third-Party Cinematic Mode video editing

Third-party apps will soon have access to a feature that was previously reserved for the iMovie app.

Cinematic Mode, once an exclusive iMovie app feature, will be arriving on third-party apps. It’s a tool that allows the videomaker to change a few elements post-shooting, such as changing the focus on the background or foreground. The feature was introduced in 2021 and created for filmmakers, with the iPhone 14 unlocking 4K instead of HD.

iOS 17

The app developers will need to use tools to enable Cinematic Mode. A 25-minute session revealed during the WWDC showed how it could be done, coding-wise. One limitation is that the third-party app will not be able to shoot in Cinematic Mode for recordings- the user will have to use the Camera app to record, then import it into the app for post-processing.

iOS 17 is already shaping up to have a lot of features. It’s expected to be announced in the fall.