iOS 17 will introduce Friends and Family iCloud Keychain Password sharing

Password management sharing will be easier once iOS 17 rolls out this fall.

iOS 17 will introduce a new Family Passwords feature, which allows friends and family to share passkeys and passwords easily. In Settings, then Passwords, a group can be created for sharing passwords with. Through the setup process, the user can select trusted contacts, and individuals will be able to share their passkeys and passwords with other people in the same group. A family, for example, can get their passwords on streaming services while bank account information remains private.

iOS 17

Once the group is created password and passkey sharing can begin. All users will be able to add and edit passwords, which will be synced across all devices. Multiple groups can be made as well, with the option of deleting and adding people reserved for the one who created the group. The person has to be in the Contacts list, and the device must run iOS 17.