iOS 17 will show warning for unsolicited nude photos

iOS 17 will be having a nudity-blocking feature for devices that receive unsolicited images.

Apple’s upcoming software will automatically screen and block incoming files and messages that may have sensitive content. Contact Posters, AirDrop, and Messages will have blurring options via the Phone app and FaceTime. Adult iPhone users will see a ‘preview’ with the message ‘this may be sensitive’ with a warning icon and a link to ‘show’ the photo.

iOS 17

Sensitive Content Warnings work within the device which means Apple does not see the shared content. This feature is a Communication Safety expansion that the Cupertino-based company introduced in 2022. Communication Safety auto-blocks sensitive images, including nude photos before users could see them. iOS 17 looks to expand this to FaceTime, AirDrop, system-wide photo picker, and third-party apps.

iOS 17 is set to launch this fall, with beta testing currently done developer side. The software is expected to be revealed alongside the iPhone 15.