The latest beta of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 feature several new additions, notably Scribble and a revamped app purchase sheet.

App Purchase Sheet

Testers of the new software tried out Scribble, a technology that’s similar to the finger-based input and text recognition of the Apple Watch. Here, users could write characters with their Apple Pencil in any text field. Currently, ‘Scribble’ only supports Chinese and English but more languages, including Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German and French will be added along the way.

Scribble can also do copy paste, edit and more, and is integrated in various apps such as Calendar, Safari and Notes.

David Barnard, an iOS developer noticed a revamped App Store UI for iOS 14.5 beta, notably a ‘buy sheet’ that pops up when a user buys an app, with a more noticeable change in the font where subscription pricing is displayed. This comes after complaints were lodged against Apple due to scam apps prevailing on the App Store.


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