Apple re-issues app updates for iPhone & iPad


Apple is reportedly pushing updates to iPhone and iPad apps for unknown reasons. The company is reissuing the last update to all the apps once again. All users around the globe will likely have to reinstall the same update once again.

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It’s unclear why Apple is pushing the same updates again but according to MacRumours, the reissuing of updates might have something to do with a bug on iOS 13.5. According to the notes shared by MacRumours, some apps have turned practically unusable with an error message reading “The app is no longer shared with you.”

However, the newly reissued updates to the iPhone and iPad apps appears to have fixed the issues on iOS 13.5. Some tech experts have also found a quick workaround to the issue by offloading the app from Settings > General > iPhone Storage, and then reinstalling it.

The issue with the apps, however does not appear to be affecting the general working or any specific functionality of the app. The problem could be with the “certification” of apps – a key feature to keep the OS safe and sound. However, it’s not been confirmed as to whether the latest update fixes only these specific bugs or in the first case, it was ever even intended for that specific purpose.

It is recommended that everyone update their apps on their iPhones and iPads, regardless of the fact that they are affected by the bug or not. It’s a healthy practice to keep the system and apps updated, so that there are no security loopholes.

Some people have reported that they had to update over 100 apps because of the latest reissuing of updates. It may take a while but it’s very likely worth it. We hope Apple provides an explanation in the near future for reissuing updates .

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