iOS Developer Endel – Mental Health Awareness Month highlight

Apple has recently published a profile of Endel, a company and app that produces ambient music for Mental Health Awareness Month.

The Endel app is available on the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac, and offers a variety of audio for background music for users throughout the day. CEO Oleg Stavitsky co-founded the app, along with six other people and based it on the Bloom app’s ambient sounds.

iOS Developer Endel

Stavitsky mentioned how he and the group ‘just clicked together’ and began working on the power of sound for users’ benefit. Endel was the evolution of BUBL, the first app produced by the company as they wanted a digital art app for kids.

Endel takes into account the user’s data, particularly natural light exposure, heart rate and weather for the Apple Watch to produce a customized soundscape.

The highlight of the app Endel is the second in terms of profile, with the first being Winnie, a childcare assistance app back in May 9.