iOS developer shares stunning M1-Powered iMac G4 online

A developer by the name of Colby Sheets recently shared his transformation of the nearly 20 yr old iMac G4 on social media as tribute to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Sheets converted his old iMac G4 and gave it the new M1 chip with the help of a few individuals, namely YouTuber Pendleton115. M1 Mac materials were cobbled together and gave the G4 an upgrade, notably an 8GB RAM and the M1 processor. The display was left untouched as the developer mentioned that ‘there’s nothing wrong with it’.

Sheets tweeted a video of the iMac G4 in action and mentioned how it’s been a passion project he’s been working on. Furthermore, Sheets states that the creation was a celebration of Jobs’ life and how he inspires many people.

The original iMac G4 came out in 2002 and featured a lamp-like design, 80GB storage space, 256MB RAM and a PowerPC processor.

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