Game developer The Pokemon Company said that it will launch ‘Pokemon Sleep’ soon.

Pokemon Sleep

‘Pokemon Sleep’ is a themed game that plays differently than the others. Users get rewarded for letting the game track their sleep by giving them pocket monsters, or Pokemons in short. The app monitors sleep quality and stages, which is divided into three types- sleeping, slumbering, and dozing, with each attracting different Pokemon.

The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel presented a trailer video titled ‘Rest your very best! Pokemon Sleep’. The video, which is roughly a minute and a half, presents the game with AR elements. There is currently no exact date for launch, but the company said that the game will launch this Summer for both the Android and iOS platform.

In addition, the Pokemon Company said that the Pokemon Go Plus+ can be used in lieu of a smartphone to track the user’s sleep. The accessory can also be used in Pokemon Go.


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