iOS 14.5 beta features improved subscription sheet

Apple is working on improving the experience of subscribing to services from iOS devices. The new iOS 14.5 beta features an updated subscription sheet which clearly shows the important details users are supposed to know. According to 9To5Mac, the issue of the subscription sheet not being clear was a hot topic recently.

David Bernard, a developer known for Launch Center Pro, found the changes in the latest beta version of iOS. He pointed out the changes Apple is making to the subscription sheet – to make the experience simpler.  Apple has replaced the heading of the subscription sheet from “App Store” to “[Apple logo] Pay” which will help users understand that they are buying something.

Minor changes with major impact

Other subtle changes include the normalization of the subscription name’s font from all-caps and the increased font size of the policy details. The emphasised policy text will make for more users to read the text before making any purchase. Apple is also using simpler English to state the trial period of the subscription now. The new subscription sheet in iOS 14.5 beta now has a dedicated “TRIAL” section which displays the trial duration of the app.

The font size of the price is increased – much easier to read before haphazardly making any sort of purchase. Apple has also replaced the “Subscribe” button with a new confirmation animation which requires users to press the power button. The chances of users actually reading all the details will likely be higher compared to the previous subscription sheet format.

The changes to the subscription are subtle but definitely a welcome addition. Apple could do a lot more to make the experience much better in the future. The company has now released the third beta of iOS 14.5 – the final release could be right around the corner. The software update includes a lot more changes apart from the updated subscription sheet.

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