iOS Mail App may be vulnerable to an email hack


According to the report by the Wall Street Journal and Motherboard, ZecOps a cybersecurity company announced that it has discovered 2 zero-day vulnerabilities that affect the iOS’s Mail App.

iOS Mail App

Zuk Avraham, the founder of ZecOps told that one of the hacks can be triggered remotely. The second zero-day vulnerability requires an additional vulnerability to trigger it.

Avraham told Motherboard that one of these vulnerabilities is called “remote zero-click.” He also mentioned that this is a dangerous attack as it can affect anyone on the internet. According to the report by ZecOps, the attacker can remotely affect the iOS device using emails.

These emails will use a large amount of memory of the device. The attacker can then exploit the device to leak emails, modify them, and also delete the user’s emails.

According to the report published by ZecOps on Wednesday, the vulnerabilities can only affect the iOS versions between iOS 6 and iOS 13. Apple has dealt with these vulnerabilities with their upcoming iOS 13.4.5 which will be released in public in a few weeks.

ZecOps recommends the users to use a third-party Mail App such as Gmail on their iOS devices until Apple launches the iOS 13.4.5.

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