iOS Message notifications now show WhatsApp profile pictures

Messaging app WhatsApp has implemented a new feature, one that shows the sender’s profile picture in the notification section.

WhatsApp has adopted the iOS 15 API to have the profile picture show up in the top-screen banner and notifications whenever the user receives a message. It’s worthy to note that Android has had this feature for a while now, which means equality among platforms.

The feature has not rolled out to all iOS users yet, and some may not be able to see it even if they have updated WhatsApp to the latest version. Beta testers get access to the profile pic notification for bug reporting and performance purposes. It’s believed that once the testing ends it will become a feature that’s available to everyone.

WhatsApp’s last update was in December of 2021- the app had a changed privacy setting, particularly the ‘Last Seen’ status of the people users have not chatted with. 

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