iOS Parental Controls Block the Word ‘Asian’ in browser search


Social media has revealed that a certain word is being blocked when iOS parental control settings are turned on.

iOS Parental Controls

The Screen Time ‘Limit Adult Website’ button in Content Restrictions inadvertently causes websites with the word ‘asian’ to be blocked in Safari. However, similar terms such as ‘Korean’, ‘French’, ‘white’, ‘Arab’, or ‘black’ are allowed.

In the same vein, the words ‘teen’, ‘mature’ and ‘amateur’ activates the content filter, while the word ‘schoolgirl’ does not.

iOS developer Steven Shen posted a tweet about the matter. Furthermore, he said that a report has been filed in December of 2019 but the problem wasn’t fixed.

Apple has had issues with filters before. When parental controls were introduced in iOS 12 users reported that they still could access pornographic and violent content but resources such as sexual assault hotlines and sex education sites were blocked. In iTunes Radio, songs that had explicit language were allowed for users who blocked it by default.

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