Photo editing app developer Pixelmator has officially released its app, the Pixelmator Photo for iOS.

iOS Pixelmator Photo App

Previously exclusive to iPadOS, Pixelmator boasts AI-driven editing tools, iCloud Photos and Photos support, compatibility with 600-plus formats (including Apple’s ProRAW) and 30 color adjustment options, among others.

In the iOS version, the app allows for a split-view comparison in closer detail, pasting and copying edits and batch editing for photoshoot processes. Essential tools such as Straighten and Crop are also available.

The app is available to download on the App Store for $3.99, which is discounted from its original price of $7.99. Those who own the app on the iPad can get the app as a ‘free update’ when they tap the ‘get’ button. iPhone users will need to be on iOS 14 or later in order for the photo editing app to work.

Pixelmator is also the same company who made the Pixelmator Pro for Mac.


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