iOS secret party app pulled from App Store

Apple has recently pulled an app because it promoted secret parties during the pandemic.

The app name, Vybe Together facilitated parties between users and was promptly removed after skirting around COVID-19 safety guidelines and encouraging people to form New Year’s Eve crowds.


Business Insider reported how a TikTok video showed a Vybe Together video which invited people to parties in New York. It has since been disabled and deemed to advertise ‘NY ragers’. Apple promptly followed suit.

Vybe is a small app that employs a catchphrase, ‘Get your rebel on. Get your part on’. The app screened members and only allowed those who were verified to join, create or find parties.

A Vybe co-founder mentioned how the service has several thousand members, and thousands more waiting in the approval line. The co-founder also said how they do not encourage large gatherings as the media portrayed.

When Apple and TikTok shut down the app Vybe closed its Instagram account and official website.