iOS Tips gets Privacy section update

Apple has added a new section to its iOS Tips app, which discusses account, software and hardware privacy.

The new collection has 9 tips in total, covering Safari Private Browsing, Photos, Safari Privacy Report, location, Messages previews, mic and camera usage indicators, system-wide password security, Safari passwords and Sign In with Apple.

Apple points out that Safari can remember and create passwords for different websites, with users being able to generate a password using the iPhone Strong Password tool.

Inside are tips on Security Recommendations (found in Settings) that can alert the user if the password he or she has is compromised or weak. Privacy Report will show users which Safari trackers are being blocked. The section also explains how Private Browsing works and how it can be used as to not leave a search and browsing history behind.

The full section can be viewed by going on iOS Tips and tapping the ‘Privacy’ link.

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