iOS to get Battlefield mobile in 2022


Electronic Arts has recently announced that its new Battlefield mobile game is coming to iPhone next year.

Battlefield Mobile in 2022

Battlefield is a first person shooting game and a franchise title for EA. Being that mobile has exploded in popularity the company is looking to get a share by porting their console-only game to the iPhone.

EA says that Battlefield Mobile will be a standalone game and specially designed for the platform. It will be built by Industrial Toys from the ground up and will feature a skill-based experience.

Despite announcing the general date on when the game will be released EA has not delved into specifics as of the moment. We can expect more details as the date gets nearer.

Apple has recently touted the iPhone A14 processor’s capability, saying how it could compete with the latest Android phones. The Cupertino-based company also mentioned that their device can run console-quality games without a problem.

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