iOS Twitter rolls out ‘Sign In’ option on iPad and iPhone


iPad and iPhone owners can now use their ‘Sign In with Apple’ credentials to log on to the Twitter app.

iOS Twitter

Opening the app will reveal three choices, ‘Continue with Apple’, ‘Continue with Google’ or Create Account. Twitter Support has released a statement that when users sign up or log in on Twitter they can use their Apple ID or Google Account on the app. Signing in with Apple ID may become possible soon on the web platform.

Those who are new to Twitter can choose to do so using their Apple IDs and confirm it via Face ID, along with a date of birth. The only limitation is that email address, changing the profile name or account deactivation will prove to be more difficult than creating an account the traditional way.

‘Sign In with Apple’ makes for a more convenient way to join the Twitter conversation quickly, without the user having to create a password for their Twitter account.

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