iOS update in Adobe Capture now allows custom gradients

Adobe has released a new tool that can help users make their own gradients and save them in several available formats. On the company’s blog, they detail the gradient extraction tool as something that gives back the wonder of seeing something attractive and capturing that in your artwork.

Beta users will be able to use the tool and extract it via CSS code, gradient-embedded SVG or as an image. Adobe says that when the update goes live to the public there will be an additional option to save in Libraries.

Adobe Capture on iOS

Within the Adobe Capture app, look for Colors module and the color mode icon on the toolbar to switch to Gradient Capture mode. The app will automatically detect the best gradient, but you can also manually switch it according to your preference.

Adobe Capture on the iOS is available to download for free at the App Store. It has in-app purchases for those who’d want to unlock Creative Cloud storage.