Google’s built-in VPN service Google Fi is now available on the iOS platform.

Google Fi VPN

Google has recently announced the launch on Twitter, along with an explainer video and statement on how the VPN allows iOS users to get a private connection and protection from hackers.

The VPN service arrived a bit late since it was promised that it would launch in spring. Google also tweeted that the feature is currently on rollout and may not be on all iPhone devices. However, the company stated that it should be completed in a few weeks.

Google Fi VPN allows users to download, browse and stream over a private and encrypted connection and is recommended for devices that constantly connect on public Wi-Fi. All traffic is encrypted and websites may not track the user’s location because of IP address masking.

Google Fi will compete with Apple’s Private Relay, a service that uses multi-relay proxies and encryption to keep browser traffic and data safe.


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