iOS Users to Get ‘The Division: Resurgence’ game soon


Ubisoft’s mobile-only title ‘The Division: Resurgence’ is expected to arrive on both iOS and Android platforms soon.

The Division

The Division: Resurgence is a free to play, open-world shooter in urban New York. The story, Ubisoft claims is brand new and features members of the Strategic Homeland Division as they try to maintain order in a post apocalyptic city setting. The plot and official reveal trailer for The Division: Resurgence is available to watch on Ubisoft’s official YouTube channel.

The developers also said that touchscreen controls have been retooled for iOS and Android devices, and there’s a single and co-op player modes, as well as customizable apparel, skills and collectible weapons available as in-app purchases.

As for the exact launch date, Ubisoft has yet to specify when The Division: Resurgence will launch on mobile. It’s believed that the mobile shooter game will be available to download on both App Store and Play Store simultaneously.

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