iOS Waze Has Added Music Streaming Via Pandora

Waze isn’t just a navigational app anymore. With the addition of a built-in audio player, users can now integrate streaming music apps such as NPR One, TuneIn Radio, Spotify and others.

Pandora is the newest addition to that list. Both the app’s Premium and Free tiers are available on all iOS Waze versions and on Android as well. Pandora developers wrote on their blog post that the feature works both ways- the next step in your Waze navigation will show up at the top as long as you have Waze open.

iOS Waze Pandora

Waze has put off the Pandora integration since last year, while Android users are already enjoying the addition much earlier than their iOS counterparts. Supported music apps on the Waze platform will automatically show up as an audio icon at the top right area. Simply tap it, set it up and you’ll have a convenient streaming music service to go with your navigational app.