iOS WhatsApp future update to have past group chat participants

The iOS WhatsApp app will soon have a feature that allows users to search for people who previously participated in a group chat.

WhatsApp is planning to add a ‘search previous user’ function on its future update. Previously, the company introduced a feature that allows users to leave a group without the members getting notifications. Now, WhatsApp users can now see who was removed or who left in a group in the past 60 days.


WABetaInfo released a short description on how the feature might work. The publication mentioned that the new option will be visible at the lower part of the group participants list, and that it will be visible to all the group participants and not just the admin. It’s also said that the feature is currently under development and that it might change before being released to the public.

The ‘search previous user’ function will be arriving on Android as well.