iOttie’s Auto-Sensing Car Phone Mount Gets a Massive Discount

Accessory brand iOttie has a nifty car phone mount that offers several quality of life improvements over traditional smartphone mounts. Today, the Auto Sense Cup Holder Qi Charging Car Phone Mount is down to just $40.50 from its original price of $60 on Amazon.

Say goodbye to manual adjustments- the Auto Sense phone mount latches your phone securely the moment you put your device in. You can make fine adjustments on the foot for different height settings depending on your phone size. Once locked in, the Qi charging technology starts juicing up your smartphone as long as it’s there.

iOttie’s Auto-Sensing Car Phone Mount

iOttie’s car phone mount also has adjustable angles and works in either portrait or landscape mode. You can put most cup holders in via a twist dial mechanism. You can easily hide the cables for a neater aesthetic, thanks to a compartment at the cup holder cap. Grab the iOttie Auto Sense Car Phone Mount at a discounted price today!