Save $80 on the new 10.2″ iPad (128GB)

Apple’s cheapest iPad is now even cheaper. The 128GB version of the 10.2” iPad which usually retails for $429 is now available for $349 at MacMall. The company released this model of the iPad last year with subtle updates such as increased screen size and more RAM.

The 2019 model of the iPad still uses the same chip as the 2018 iPad – A10 Fusion. The processor powering the tablet is not powerful but is good enough for handling tasks like web browsing, watching YouTube, streaming Netflix, FaceTiming and iMessaging. 

Save $80 on the new 10.2″ iPad (128GB)

The extra one gigabyte of RAM over the 2018 iPad will definitely help the iPad handle more apps at the same time without stuttering. Also, the increased size which may not sound much but it actually helps improve the SplitView experience (using apps side by side).

The 2019 iPad has a slightly larger screen but it does not feel much larger compared to the 2018 model. So it’s able to improve the software experience slightly without compromising the portability of the device.

The display of the iPad is the same retina display with an excellent resolution but it’s not laminated as the one on the iPad Air which costs $499. By no means is the display on the iPad bad but if display is a higher priority for you, the iPad Air is a better choice if you have extra cash to spare.

The 2019 10.2” iPad supports Apple’s Smart Keyboard Cover which is far better compared to third-party bluetooth options. The keyboard does not require it to be charged; it just snaps in place and works instantly. However, the keyboard is not exactly cheap – it costs an additional $159 over the price of the iPad.

The iPad now also supports Apple Pencil (1st generation) which costs an additional $99.