10.8″ iPad and 8.5″ iPad Mini will ship with 20W in box


Apple is expected to launch two new iPad variants in the near future – a 10.8” iPad and a 8.5” iPad Mini. The major takeaway from the leaked reports is that these two devices will ship with 20W chargers.

10.8″ iPad and 8.5″ iPad Mini will ship with 20W in box

At present, the 10.2” $329 iPad ships with a slow 12W charger. iPads pack a large battery and it is important to pack fast chargers with the device. The iPhone 11 Pro models ship with faster 18W charger which can also be used to charge iPads as well.

The 10.8” iPad will likely be a replacement of the 10.2” $329 iPad. However, as we do not know the pricing of the upcoming 10.8” iPad, it could also be an iPad Air which also packs the slower 12W adapter. 

The 8.5” iPad Mini is also an interesting device as it will be a slightly larger display compared to the current generation iPad Mini which features a 7.9” display. It is very likely that Apple will ditch the thick bezels for an all-screen display (almost) similar to the iPad Pro.

It could be the same story with the upcoming 10.8” iPad as well. Apple could make an iPad of the same size as the current generation 10.2” iPad but pack a larger display in the same body.

It has been reported that the 10.8” iPad will launch sometime at the end of 2020. The release will be followed by the release of the 8.5” iPad Mini in early 2021. All of this information has been leaked by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has a great track record when it comes to leaking Apple products. 

On a different note, the upcoming iPhone 12 models will reportedly ship without a charger in the box.


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