Apple may not release 11″ iPad Air with Mini-LED

Apple’s iPad Air is the best all-rounder tablet as it’s not extremely expensive nor cheap. It’s a device that balances hardware specifications, general system performance and also a decent build quality (which is expected from Apple).

It was long rumoured that the next version of iPad Air will use Mini-LED display tech. It was also reported that the price of the device will remain $499 even though the company was introducing new display tech.

Apple may not release 11″ iPad Air with Mini-LED

However, a new report in late April of this year by China Times reported that Apple may actually skip the 11” iPad Air with Mini-LED. The report however did not say whether the company was completely ditching the project or just postponing the release of the 11” iPad Air to a later date.

Mini-LED display panels have more LEDs than traditional OLED panels that are used in phones right now. Mini-LED displays are much brighter compared to the traditional LCD panels. The iPad however was never upgraded to using OLED panels either, Apple’s tablet range continues to use LCD panels.

The newer Mini-LED display tech also has the advantage of not consuming too much power – it is much more power efficient compared to the LCD display technology. Mini-LED displays offer deeper black levels just like OLED panels and greater contrast ratio. Also, their higher brightness levels make them much more usable in direct sunlight or brightly lit rooms.

The noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities also reported that Apple is planning to release a slew of new devices with Mini-LED display panels. In his report, he stated that the company would release some of these devices in 2020. However, considering the effect the coronavirus global pandemic has had on the world, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple pushes the release of some of its products to 2021.