iPad cellular instrumental in plane crash rescue

Apple’s tablet has proved itself invaluable after a family was stranded after a plane crash.

On Sunday in Pennsylvania, a pilot and his daughter went on a plane trip in a Cessna 150 two-seater. The plane took off at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, but went off-radar suddenly. Authorities decided to investigate and conduct a search.

CNN reported that the search took five hours and was focused on a wooded area 7 miles southeast. Rescue teams checked the plane’s last known location and sought to find the devices that were on-board via pinging them.

James Serafin, Bear Creek Volunteer Hose Company Chief, mentioned that they were able to track the family through the daughter’s iPad, which had cellular technology. Both sustained minor injuries and were in a pre-hypothermic state when they were discovered.

Apple products such as the iPad, Apple Watch and AirTag have been used to locate, track and rescue people in need.

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