Apple dominates the tablet market with 58.5 million units shipped in 2020

Apple shipped 19.2 million iPad units in the fourth quarter of 2020. The company continues to hold the number one spot in the tablet industry, reports Apple Insider. All iPad models were updated last year with new chips; the iPad Air additionally received a complete design refresh treatment.

In 2020, over the whole year, Apple reportedly shipped around 58.5 millions tablets which made for 37 percent of the market last year. The company has seen a growth of 24 percent compared to 2019 when it captured only 24 percent of sales in the tablet market. The South Korean giant Samsung catered to the 12 percent of the tablet buyers in the market, followed by Huawei with 10 percent of the sales. 

Magic Keyboard for iPad, A12Z chip

iPad shipments grew 40 percent year over year, reports Canalys. As a result, Apple was able to capture 36% of the worldwide tablet market share in the fourth quarter of 2020 (Q1 2021 FY). Samsung reportedly took the second spot in the tablet market with a market share of 19%. Samsung shipped 9.9 million units of its Galaxy branded tablets. Amazon followed by taking 12% of the market share with 8.5 million units. Rest of the market is made up of other smaller players in the market.

New Apple iPad Pro
iPad Pro (2020) with Magic Keyboard

Last year, Apple released the updated iPad Pro in March with a new A12Z processor which was later used in the Developer Transition Kit (DTK) Mac mini. At the same time, the company also released the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro which now even supports the updated iPad Air which was released in October 2020. The Magic Keyboard has made the supported iPad more like the Mac but without the “pro” grade softwares.

The 10.2” budget iPad continues to be a very popular tablet as well. Last year, Apple updated it by replacing the old A10 Fusion with the relatively new A12 Bionic chip.

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