Apple plans to manufacture iPad in India


Apple is reportedly working on bringing iPad manufacturing to India. The company is lobbying for incentives to start production in the country. The Indian government continues to be supportive to the companies that plan to make their products in India.

Apple plans to manufacture iPad in India

The sales of iPhones in India have increased sharply ever since Apple started assembling the phones locally. By doing so, the company has been able to price the iPhone much lower than imported units. Having iPads produced locally in the future, will make the iPad much more affordable to Indian customers.

Make In India: Pushing the program to new lengths

At present, the 10% student discounts on the iPad and the Mac help many Apple fans make the purchase. However, as obvious as it is, the offer is only applicable to students and people working in the education sector.

Make In India

Last year, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India launched a $6.7 billion program to increase production of smartphones in the country and also to increase exports. The plan continues to promote manufacturing of electronics in India and is helping create new jobs.

The iPad continues to be the most loved tablet in the market. There are very few good Android tablets, as Google failed to capture the tablet market. While Android continues to rule in the smartphone world, Apple continues to rule in the tablet world. 

iPads have the most polished tablet apps – made specifically for the form factor by developers. In the Android world, very few apps have been optimised specifically for the tablet form factor. iPad buyers use their device for 5-7 years on average unlike every 2-3 years iPhone upgrades.

The local manufacturing of the iPad will help boost sales of Apple products in India. While the sales have been strong in the recent past, there is a huge market waiting to be gobbled by Apple.

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