iPad Office apps get new features

Microsoft has recently updated its Office apps for the iPad to take advantage of the hardware. Some notable improvements include split view on Excel, presenter coaching on PowerPoint and trackpad support on Word.

The split view feature has been added to PowerPoint and Word since last year, and allows for a side-by-side view and edit aspects. iPad users can go to split view mode by doing a touch-and-hold on a document then putting it on the right or left side of the screen. To exit, the user just has to grab the slider icon in the middle to the right or left.

iPad keyboard for Office apps

The presenter coach feature allows PowerPoint users to get additional help and feedback on important topics such as sensitive phrases, filler words, pitch, pacing and more. Microsoft has also implemented trackpad controls in the latest Word app version 2.45, which becomes accessible when you plug in a compatible mice and trackpads.

The new update for the Office suite should be available to download today

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