Should you buy the new iPad Pro?

The new iPad Pro is not much different than the previous generation iPad Pro. It basically uses the same processor as the previous generation – A12Z instead of the A12X – bloggers have reported that it’s the same chip but with one GPU core software unlocked on the A12Z. Why did Apple disable a GPU core on the A12X? We will never know.

In the camera department, the new iPad Pro has a new additional ultrawide sensor on the back. Last year, Apple added ultrawide to the iPhones as well – to the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro series.People find the ultrawide sensor to be pretty useful, more than the telephoto at least. However, an ultrawide camera on the iPad Pro does not make much sense as people rarely click pictures using the iPad but hey it’s there just in case.

Should you buy the new iPad Pro?
Should you buy the new iPad Pro?

Also, the iPad Pro now has a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor on the back for improved AR (augmented reality) experiences. Apple has been AR in a big way by releasing updates to its developer kits almost every year and also creating its own experiences. This new sensor could help Apple improve the technology even further but we will very likely see actual use of this technology in the next two years or so as developers build new apps.

The new iPad Pro is now available in the stores (online only). It starts at $799 for the 11 inch whereas the 12.9 inch version starts at $999 – both of them have 128GB storage (base models). You can always customize the storage by spending a little (or large?) more. 

The new iPad Pro is great but it’s not exactly revolutionary. If you already have the previous generation iPad Pro, then there is no need to get the new model unless you would like to take use of the LiDAR sensor to develop apps using the technology. The iPad Pro still cannot replace your laptop. 

If you do have to buy an iPad Pro and do not require the ultrawide camera, you could always look for the previous generation iPad Pro and save some money.