iPad Pro (2021) with A14Z to release soon

Apple last updated the iPad Pro in March 2020 by replacing the A12X chip with the A12Z chip. The company also introduced the ultra-wide camera on the iPad Pro and it was the first Apple device to get LiDAR sensor. However, this year could be subtle for the iPad Pro as the company will very likely just update the internals.

The iPad Pro is perfect, there is nothing specifically wrong with it. The FaceID authentication works flawlessly, the 120Hz high-refresh rate display is perfect, it has a USB-C port unlike the iPhone’s odd Lightning port.

Updated processor, memory

The 2021 iPad Pro will very likely see Apple just update the processor along with other minor updates like bumping the amount of memory (RAM) and storage.

iPad Magic Keyboard
iPad Pro 11″ with Magic Keyboard

Last year, Apple introduced the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro which also supports the later released iPad Air. The Magic Keyboard makes the iPad Pro be more than just a tablet – it opens the iPad Pro to be more of an in-between a laptop and a tablet.

The Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro is a very useful addition for people that write a lot. Users could just skip using a standard laptop altogether and just rely on an iPad Pro for majority of their tasks. However, the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro/iPad Air is expensive – very expensive – it costs $299 for the 11” iPad Pro and $329 for the 12.9” iPad Pro.

The fact that the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro/iPad Air will be one year old this March, Apple could reduce the price of the product. There has been no news of such a move but judging from Apple’s past moves, the price of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro/iPad Air could be reduced. 

The 2021 iPad Pro will likely be powered by a new A14X or A14Z chip.

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