New iPad Pro is now available for purchase


Apple released a new iPad Pro last week which does not radically change the machine but brings subtle improvements. More importantly, the new interesting new features come in the form of accessories. The company unveiled a new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro which magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro and lets the tablet (sort of) float.

iPad Pro Models

The iPad Pro still starts at $799 but now the base model comes with 128GB of storage instead of 64GB which was found in the previous generation model. Also, the new iPad Pro now offers two cameras on the back along with a new LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor to improve the augmented reality (AR) offerings.

Improved augmented reality experiences

The LiDAR sensor uses light to measure ranges to offer a much more cohesive AR experience. AR based apps will now be able to use LiDAR technology to improve their app experience. LiDAR will also make apps that use augmented reality to load more quickly and the experience will be more consistent with significantly less stutters or whatsoever.

LiDAR sounds great but augmented reality (AR) apps are not something that people actually use a lot unless it’s in the form of face filters. The big interesting feature is yet to come in the form of a new keyboard with support for trackpad input. Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad will be released in May and a lot of people are excited to experience the iPad in a new way.

Bringing the iPad closer to Mac

The Magic Keyboard will cost $299 for the 11 inch iPad Pro whereas for the 12 inch iPad Pro, it will cost $349. The new keyboards along with trackpad support are very expensive but they also offer new angles to use the iPad – it brings more flexibility to the iPad Pro. Some Twitter surveys have shown that people are willing to spend big bucks to get the new Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro.

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