iPad Pro is the best tablet for work (but it could be better)


Apple updated the iPad Pro earlier this year to include the powerful M1 chip from its Mac line of computers. It is expected to bring unseen massive power boosts to the iPad line. However, the iPad Pro still can’t do much apart from all the ‘iPad things’ and run some professional apps such as LumaFusion.

2021 iPad Pro

The hope is that over the next couple of years, Apple will bring powerful ‘Pro grade’ apps to the iPad or just basically allow Mac apps to be run on the iPad Pro. The M1 Macs – the MacBook Air, the base model 13” MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and the 24” iMac – all are capable of running iPad and iPhone apps. However, the vice-versa is not possible, as Apple does not allow Mac apps to be run on the iPad or the iPhone.

Dear Apple, please bring Mac apps to the iPad

It would be ridiculous to run Mac apps on the iPhone and as a result, nobody is looking forward to such a thing happening anytime in the near future at-least. However, the iPad is almost a laptop with a touchscreen and it should be able to run Mac apps. The iPad Pro also supports the use of Magic Keyboard which almost makes the iPad Pro (or even the iPad Air) a laptop.

Apple brings Mac and iPad closer with Universal Control

The new iPad Pro with M1 starts at the same $799 (USD) price tag for the 11” model whereas the 12.9” iPad Pro now starts at $1,099 compared to $999 for the previous generation. The increase in price is expected to be because of the new Mini LED in the 12.9” iPad Pro. It is believed that the new display technology is expensive compared to the traditionally used LCD technology in iPads. The 11” iPad, however, continues to use an LCD display which is why the price of the product has not been increased.

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