Should you buy the iPad Pro or wait?

Apple released the current design iPad Pro in 2018 but since then it has gone through various internal upgrades which has made it even more powerful. In 2018, Apple touted the product to be faster than most computers in the world. The current generation iPad Pro is powered by the A12Z Bionic chip – the same chip which powered the Developer Transition Kit (DTK) Mac mini.

The current generation iPad Air was launched just last year at Apple’s September event. The company revealed the iPad Air along with the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE. The iPad Air is very similar to the iPad Pro in terms of design except for the slightly thicker bezels which are not that noticeable.

Newer chips on the way

The iPad Air is powered by Apple’s 5nm A14 Bionic chip whereas the iPad Pro uses a 7nm chip. While the A14 Bionic is a newer chip, the A12Z continues to be more powerful than the A14 Bionic as it is almost a desktop grade CPU and GPU. However, Apple is reportedly planning to update the iPad Pro sometime in March which will include a newer 5nm chip with more horsepower.

The design of the upcoming iPad Pro will likely continue to be the same as the current generation as there is nothing specifically wrong with the design. Apple is also taking design cues from the iPad Pro and implementing it on its other products. The iPhone now has a flat design and the MacBooks will also reportedly feature a flat design soon. The iMac is also due for an update and according to Bloomberg, the upcoming iMac will feature a completely flat back.

The iPad Pro is a powerful device but it’s due to be updated very soon. If you require a basic iPad, the iPad Air is the best at the moment except for its slightly glitchy TouchID sensor on the power button. It would be worthwhile to wait for the new iPad Pro.

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