iPad Pro orders are now preparing to ship (early orders)


Apple will start shipping the new iPad Pro versions soon, based on various Tweets. The company unveiled the 11” iPad Pro and the 12.9” iPad Pro models which are now powered by the M1 chip which is found in the latest Mac computers. 

iPad Pro orders are now preparing to ship (early orders)

The popular Apple blog, MacRumours reported that many Twitter users and its readers were seeing their iPad Pro orders’ status turn to ‘Preparing to Ship’. Of course, the next step is to ship the product and have it delivered to the customer. So it is very likely that the new iPad Pro models could soon start being delivered to people who pre-ordered the product.

Set to be delivered between May 21 and May 28

According to the people who ordered the newer generation iPad Pro models, the product is set to ship sometime between May 21 and May 28. Apple is of course providing a specific date for the product to be delivered to the customers. In most cases, people who ordered their iPad Pro very early on will receive the product on May 21 itself.

iPad Pro orders are now preparing to ship (early orders)

It is also important to note that the orders of the iPad Pro which have turned ‘Preparing to Ship’ cannot be cancelled anymore. However, customers can return the product once it has been delivered – this facility is only available in some countries. Be sure to check if the Apple Store in your country allows returns.

Along with the launch of the new M1 powered iPad Pro models, Apple also unveiled other products such as the 24” iMac which is also powered by the M1 chip. The company also released the long rumoured location tracking device AirTag. For years, various blogs and leaksters reported about the AirTags but the company never released it during the previous events. However, the company has finally released the AirTag, so the rumour mill can now stop.

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