iPad Pro 12.9″ shipments slip to mid-July

Apple refreshed the 11” iPad Pro and the 12.9” iPad Pro at the ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April. Both the versions of the iPad Pro are now powered by the company’s new M1 chip which also powers the MacBook Air, the 13” base MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the 24” iMac. 

The 12.9” iPad Pro specifically features a Mini-LED display which is said to be much brighter compared to the previous generation 12.9” iPad Pro. It also brings a “true-to-life” contrast ratio of 10,00,000:1 which basically means content on the screen looks more realistic.

iPad Pro 12.9" shipments slip to mid-July

New display technology could be to blame

The shipping dates of the 12.9” iPad Pro have now been moved to as far as mid-July for all new pre-orders. The reason behind the delay could be because of the new display technology being used in this specific model. Mini-LED displays are still relatively new and some reports have suggested that display manufacturers are facing mass production issues.

iPad Pro 12.9″ shipments slip to mid-July

The technology industry as a whole is also suffering from global chip shortage. Due to coronavirus pandemic, the supply chains were slightly affected last year and most of the production goals have been affected. Also, due to the fact that most people are working from home, there has been an unprecedented demand for traditional PCs.

However, the 11” iPad on the other hand is ready to be delivered by the end of this month of May. It’s unclear whether the 11” iPad is seeing less demand or its because of the fact that its traditional LCD display is easier to manufacture. However, some analysts have suggested that companies like Apple are also affected by the global chip shortage slightly.

This year, Apple brought the iPad Pro closer to the Mac than ever before. The only thing left is to bring a macOS-like operating system to the iPad (Pro).