iPad Pro with mini-LED and TouchID in works

Apple is reportedly planning to use mini-LED displays in the next range of iPad Pro models. The upcoming 12.9” iPad Pro will be the first iPad to use a mini-LED display. The production of the display panels has already begun, according to sources with information. If the reports are true, the mini-LED iPad Pro could launch as soon as March this year. 

The iPad Pro was last updated in March 2020 which brought features such as the secondary wide-angle lens, LiDAR scanner, and a processor upgrade. At the same time, Apple also introduced the Magic Keyboard for the first time which makes the iPad Pro an almost laptop. This year, Apple could focus on the display upgrades for the iPad Pro along with an internal upgrade – use a new modified 5nm A14 Bionic chip.

iPad Pro

Newer internals, slight outer changes

Apple will very likely also update the 11” iPad Pro but it may not receive the display upgrade. The 11” iPad Pro will likely have new internals and leaked renders suggest that the device could be (very) slightly smaller. The 12.9” iPad Pro renders are reportedly identical to the current generation iPad Pro and it is not possible to deduct the type of display being used from renders.

iPad Pro with mini-LED and TouchID in works
iPad Pro 11″ render showing a recessed area

The one interesting point to note from the leaked iPad Pro renders is a recessed area on the right side of the device. GSMArena suggests that the recessed area could be to accommodate a fingerprint reader – somewhat similar to the current generation iPad Air. The only difference is that the iPad Air has the TouchID sensor embedded on the Sleep/Wake (power) button.

 In the current scenario, a lot of iPhone and iPad users have been missing the good old days of TouchID. In public places, unlocking an iPhone or an iPad using FaceID is not easy when wearing a mask. Whereas, using TouchID would be much easier as it works perfectly even when wearing a mask.