iPad Pro With 5G Capability Rumored To Be In The Works

An Economic Daily News report states that there may be a new iPad Pro in development, which is expected to be brought to light early 2020 or late this year and would debut in 2021.

A new iPhone and an iPad Pro with 5G is the most likely scenario, given the company’s recent foray into the 5G modem business. Key upgrades over previous models may include an LCP Soft Board and possibly 5G connectivity.

The integration of LCP, or Liquid Crystal Polymer Soft Boards can mean that previous limitations and restrictions that come with printed boards are no longer in place. Important components such as the motherboard, antenna and other wireless technologies may be able to work better in terms of performance and networking.

Other than that, analysts expect the design to remain the same and be split into two variants- the 12.9 inch and the 11 inch model. While rumors are certainly based on logic and Apple’s marketing practices, we’ll just have to assume a wait-and-see approach.

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