Oppo is reportedly working on a tablet, its first ever, to counter the iPad. The information was reported by India Today based on a report it obtained which states that Oppo is already in talks with suppliers. For years, Apple has held the top spot in the tablet industry as no other maker has been able to create a simple tablet as the iPad with its large ‘made for iPad’ apps.

Apple iPad Pro

The Chinese consumer electronics maker Oppo reportedly plans to create a flagship tablet. It would rival the iPad – unclear whether the basic iPad or the iPad Pro – and others like the Samsung Galaxy Tabs. The company will not be manufacturing components in-house but will depend on suppliers for display, cameras, and other parts, suggests the report.

The report of Oppo building an iPad competitor was reported by ITHome, a Chinese publication. However, it does not state the name of the suppliers that would be supplying the parts for the purported Oppo tablet. India Today suggests a possible scenario of Sony supplying camera modules, Qualcomm supplying the chips, and Samsung supplying the displays. Samsung makes some of the best AMOLED displays on the market; even Apple uses Samsung displays for its iPhones.

The iPad is the device that people buy once and use it for 4-6 years on an average. The tablet does not always have to be the fastest or have the best camera. Apple understands how to balance the features of the iPad to price it appropriately. The company also now has different iPads for different budgets to create more options for users. However, the basic iPad for $329 continues to be one of the best tablets to purchase. As it is powerful with an A12 Bionic chip and a decent amount of RAM. Also, Apple offers a high resolution Retina Display on the same. 


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