iPad Pro is turning into a Surface Pro and its good


Apple announced the new iPad Pro at its ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April. The company also announced several other products at its special event – AirTags, updated Apple TV 4K, 24” M1 iMac, and more. The iPad Pro happens to be one of the most interesting products announced as it’s now powered by the M1 chip found in all new Macs.

iPad Pro with Mini-LED display to launch next month

Last year, Apple announced that the Mac will transition from Intel to using its own in-house designed chips (manufactured by TSMC). The company called its chips – Apple Silicon – and it was presumed that it would just be used in Mac computers. However, the company surprised everyone by putting the M1 chip in the new iPad Pro.

Powerful hardware but fall behind in software

The iPad Pro has always been powerful, as its name suggests but it has lacked in terms of what it can do. Apple continues to make changes to the iPad Pro (or even the iPad as a whole) every year, as it knows that there is a growing need for a large screen machine with touch input. The company has previously said multiple times that it does not plan to combine macOS and iPadOS but it might not hold true in the future.

Surface Pro 7
Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro is a very interesting device, as it allows users to use it as a tablet and a laptop as well when required by connecting the keyboard. The implementation is very much on point but Windows is not the best operating system – it’s just not very refined. If Apple made a Surface Pro like device, it probably would be much more refined and more intuitive.

Apple continues to move towards building a Surface Pro like device, very slowly but it is moving towards that future for the iPad and maybe even the Mac. The company introduced the Magic Keyboard for the iPad last year which is very similar to the add-on offered with the Surface Pro. 


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