New thinner and faster iPad (aimed at students) to release soon: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman

Apple is currently working on a redesigned, thinner iPad which will reportedly replace the current generation 10.2” budget iPad. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a “slimmer and faster” ninth-generation iPad is set to release very soon. The standard $329 iPad has always been popular with students because of its low price. However, the design of the device has not changed for several years which calls for the new rumoured thin design.

It’s unclear if by ‘thinner’, Gurman means a new overhauled design or just that the device will be slightly thinner. Given the fact that Apple has been able to successfully move TouchID on the iPad Air from the home button to the power button, the company could do the same on the standard $329 iPad and reduce the bezels around the display.

New thinner and faster iPad (aimed at students) to release soon: Bloomberg's Mark Gurman

A slightly newer chip to power the iPad

Taking into account the previous release of iPad devices, Apple will likely use the A13 Bionic chip in the new upcoming 10.2” iPad. The company has mostly always used a two year old chip in the standard iPad. This year iPhone models will be powered by a new A15 chip which will once again push Apple’s dominance in the mobile chip performance field further.   

Apple is not expected to introduce USB-C charging on the standard iPad but if it does, it would be a very welcome move. The company continues to be reluctant about moving from Lightning to USB-C on the iPhone which also happens to be the case with the 10.2” $329 iPad. The iPad Air and the iPad Pro have already moved on to USB-C charging.

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iPad Air and iPad Pro have USB-C

The reason as to why Apple does not introduce a USB-C port on the budget iPad is unclear. To name a few reasons, it could be because Apple could make extra money by using Lightning, as third-party accessory makers will have to pay the company a fee or it just wants the iPad Pro and iPad Air to have USB-C, as it is used by professionals.

A new thinner and faster iPad is expected to be unveiled on September 14 at the iPhone event or it could be announced later on in October, at a separate event.