The iPhones have had support for wireless charging for a couple of years now. The first iPhone to support wireless charging would be the iPhone X and also the iPhone 8, as both were released at the same time (so two first iPhones).

iPad with wireless charging: The Future

Wireless charging at the moment is purely found on smartphones and accessories like earphones, smartwatches, etc. However, it would be nice if tablets could also be charged wirelessly. Just drop the tablet on the charging mat and pick it up later without having to fiddle with wires.

The iPad Pro and basically all the iPads at the moment use aluminium for their bodies which cannot conduct electricity. To support wireless charging, the devices need to be made of glass. The iPhone X, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone XR have glass backs enabling wireless charging.

Will the next iPad have a glass back to enable wireless charging? It’s very unlikely, at least for the next 2-3 years but what the future holds is always a mystery. Especially when it comes to Apple which is known for its “One more thing” moments (products).

The glass back do make devices pretty prone to breaking; it basically makes the products more delicate and it will very well be the issue with the iPads if they have glass backs. But the chances of an iPad falling out of hands is very low and some people use back case anyways. Chances of glass on a potential iPad with glass back falling? Very low.

Wireless charging would very likely also increase the price of the iPad. Take for example the iPhone 8 which retailed for $699 whereas in the previous year, the iPhone 7 was sold for $649 – an extra $50 for wireless charging (very likely).

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