A new leak suggests Apple planning an iPad Air with under-the-Screen Touch ID


There are many Twitter accounts and Youtubers which often give accurate details leaking the upcoming Apple products. One anonymous account on Twitter that has a good track record shares more details about many Apple products that are in development. 

iPad Air with Under-the-Screen Touch ID

One of the products that the Twitter Account mentions that are in works are the new iPad Air with under-the-screen Touch ID. This product has not been rumored until now.

According to the tweet:

“The new iPad Air will be using the mini led screen, comes with the full screen with no notch, not Face ID and Touch ID under the screen”

The same account also claimed many products that are under work by Apple. According to the leak, Apple is now working on its new game controller. The account also gives a list of potential new products that are in the line of production. 

The leaks suggest that Apple is also planning to release AirPods 3, iMac, AirTags, HomePod Lite, iPhone 12 Lite, Macbook with 12-arms based processor, iPad Air 4, iPhone 12 Pro 6.1 and 6.7-inch models, and many more. 

Notably, the same Twitter account gave the specs of the iPhone SE before any other leak or rumor surfaced online. Given the history of the account of being accurate, it can be said that these new Apple products in works might be accurate.

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